Thank you for your interest in Alleman Catholic High School.  All are welcome!

We welcome the opportunity to meet with your family to answer any of your questions and to explore Alleman together! 

For academics, we are able to offer multiple levels in most of our core courses in order to meet the varying needs of students: Academic Level, College Preparatory, Honors College Preparatory or Advanced Placement, and Dual Credit. 

Alleman also partners with United Township’s Area Career Center, which provides career and technical education and training. We are proud of this partnership and of our students who pursue the Vocational Education option.

Alleman High School provides a strong Resource Program to support students who have Individualized Service Plans, 504 Plans, and Accommodation Plans through a full-inclusion model. 

Each aspect of Alleman Catholic High School’s academic program is geared to stimulate excellence in the pursuit of learning for all students. We strive to instill principles of hard work, self-discipline, and academic excellence. 

Our level placement process aims to help students progress, learn, and succeed. Students may move between levels throughout their four years of study to allow them to be challenged and successful. 

Academic courses are for students needing to progress at a foundational level or whose achievement on standardized tests/coursework indicates a need for additional support.

College Preparatory
College Preparatory courses are for students whose standardized tests/coursework indicates a standard level of achievement.

Honors College Preparatory or Advanced Placement
Honors College Preparatory and Advanced Placement courses are for the highest achieving students based upon standardized tests, coursework, and solid work ethic. These courses are college level. 

Dual Credit
Learn once, earn twice!  Dual Credit courses are for the high achieving students based on standardized tests and coursework. These are actual college courses for which the student earns both Alleman and college credit. 

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Faith & Enrichmen
Alleman Catholic High School develops a faith-lived community by exemplifying Gospel values through Catholic education.  Students study theology for four years, participate in Alleman’s Christian Service Program, and experience the sacramental life of the Church. School-wide Masses, Eucharistic Adoration, Reconciliation, class retreats, and the ACHS Disciples after-school study and prayer group are all part of the formational Alleman experience.

Alleman offers its students a variety of activities, clubs, and organizations to enrich their high school experience.  Popular clubs and activities include Key Club, Student Council, Drama Club, International Club, Book Club, SIGMA, Choir, Band, Habitat for Humanity, Student Hunger Drive, and Dance Marathon. Please visit the “Student Life” section of our website for a full listing of the more than 20 clubs and activities for your student!

Alleman Catholic High School, through the support of many, is able to offer tuition assistance to families who are in need.  Each family may apply annually to receive assistance directly from Alleman.  We use the FACTS financial aid process which may be completed online. There are also a great number of scholarship opportunities available to our students.  Our goal is to continue to provide a high quality, faith centered education for ALL students and our community generously helps us reach that goal!  For any student who wants a Catholic education, we’ll help make that possible.  More than $400,000 is awarded in Tuition Assistance each school year!

We consider the athletic experience to be an important part of our students’ overall development. The foundations of our athletic program are hard work, teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership. These foundations are taught to our student-athletes along with an implicit curriculum of faith.  Our goal is athletic success, with the greater aspiration to cultivate young people to achieve success and to prepare them for the future. 

Incoming Freshman
We will assist you with the admissions process and aid in making your transition to the Alleman family as smooth as possible.

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International Students

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